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1. How do I create an account?

Click on ‘My Account’. Follow up on the necessary process.

2. How can I log in having missing my password?

Click on ‘My Account’. Then click on ‘Lost Password’ and follow up the necessary procedures.

3. How to be a vendor?

Click on “My Account” on the Tabs and then register as a vendor.

4. How can I get in touch with the Customer service team?

On the Home page, click on “contact us”.

5. How can I search for your products?

Click on the search engine.

6. How can I discover the library’s social media pages?

Check the top of the Home page for our social media pages link.

7. How can I become a “Research Consultant “ or “Book for Research Services “?

For research consultancy, click on to register. To book for research services, click on “Research Services” on the Tabs and follow up on the process.

8. How can I book for “Web content writing“?

Click on “Web content services” on the Tabs and follow up the process.

9. How do I upload my books?

After registering as a vendor, log in and complete your registration, then upload your books either to be sold as a soft copy (delivered to customers via their email address) or hard copy (delivered to the customer via their billing address).